Revolutionizing Efficiency Through Autonomy and Electricity

Why Choose Amos Power?

Amos is becoming the benchmark in autonomous electric tractor production and sets the stage for the future of using technology and engineering across multiple platforms.

Labor Shortages

Throughout the agricultural industry, labor shortages have been a growing problem. Amos eliminates the need for an operator to be constantly present with the tractor. This allows other work to be done while the tractor completes its tasks.


With 44% of farm accidents caused by tractor rollovers, opportunity was identified to mitigate safety risks by completely eliminating the operator.


With no operator fatigue, the tractor virtually never has to stop working until it is time for recharging. Simple transfer of operation data among tractors makes changing tasks easy.


Most units in the field today keep growing in size, meaning larger forms of transportation are needed to take them from one field to another; a regular-sized pickup cannot be used. Due to Amos’ compact design, it can fit on a trailer pulled by a normal-sized pickup making for easy transport between fields.

Amos Dimensions

The Machine

Technology and innovation are at the core of Amos product development and are what sets it apart from the competition.

  • 75-85 HP
  • PTO 34-40 hp
  • 8hr Battery Life
  • Full Autonomy
  • Fully Electric
  • Modular
  • CAT II Hitch

The Software

Path Planning

With precision of +/- 1”, Amos is able to complete tasks exactly to operator specifications all at the touch of a finger using our easy-to-use operator interface.

Field Mapping

While completing a job, the unit will map the field, allowing operators to review the data and decide the best way to approach the field for the most efficient future field operation.

Obstacle Avoidance

Amos has the ability to see an object, analyze it, then decide the best path to proceed in relation to that object. In some cases, this will include going around it and continuing along its path.

Full Autonomy

Advanced machine learning algorithms, state of the art stereo cameras, radar, and specialized graphics processors enable Amos to see, interpret, and react to what is happening around the vehicle completely without operator input.

Amos Specifications

Est. Runtime
4-8 hrs.
6580 lbs.
Charge Time
8 hrs.
Dimensions (A3)
L: 126" W: 47" H: 59"
Dimensions (A4)
L: 126" W: 71" H: 63"
Autonomous Capabilities
Field Mapping, Trailer Auto Load, Implement Engagement
GPS Mapping
Precision to +/- 1”
Max Speed
8.5 mph
Drawbar Horsepower
75-85 hp
34-40 hp
Camera Capabilities
Obstacle Detection, Supplemental Guidance
Amos in the a farm field

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